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Andy Boy has a rich history as an industry trend-setter, not a follower. From the day the company was founded by Stephen and Andrew D’Arrigo, two immigrants from Messina, Sicily, innovation has been its hallmark. Our customers can confidently look to us for excellence in everything from seed research and development to entirely new approaches to packaging, packing, and even shipping. Always look for the distinctive Andy Boy pink label to know you can reliably get the finest pick of the crop.


Founded in 1904, Driscoll's is a name that has become synonymous with quality berries. They are a privately-held, family-owned company with eight cooling facilities and distribution centres across the United States alone. Although Driscoll's no longer grows their berries themselves (the growing is contracted out to growers while the company provides packaging and distribution support), they are heavily invested in the research and development of new plant breeds to produce the most flavourful and aesthetically appealing berries possible.

Each year, new patented seedlings are distributed to growing partners. While each seedling can produce berries for several years, the continuous cross-breeding of plants ensures that fields are not completely susceptible to disease and infection. Driscoll's employs 30 scientists who are continuously breeding and testing new strawberry varieties to acheive optimum shelf-life, flavour, and shape.

B&W Farms

Chef's have come to demand B&W baby arugula when they place an order with us. Our customer service team often sees an influx of calls when we have to substitute another brand due to availability. We find the shelf life, balanced flavour, and large leaves the most attractive features of their product.

But what most people don't know is that B&W is the largest grower of watercress in the world. The aptly refer to the vegetable as "the original antioxidant powerhouse" because of it's nutrient density. Only kale comes close in that category. In addition, B&W holds a patent on the highly coveted red watercress variety--a fan favorite when in season during the winter months.

Taylor Farms

Founded in 1995 by Bruce Taylor, Taylor Farms is one of North America's largest processors of fresh cut fruits and vegetables. Taylor processes upwards of 30 million pounds of fresh cut salads per week. That said, we've come to rely on their consistency and freshness which is why we're proud to offer their full line of products to our customers. From shredded lettuce to their innovative cauliflower pearls--Taylor Farms is constantly pushing the envelope creating thoughtful and time-saving blends our customers have come to appreciate.

Booth Ranches

Founded in 1957 by Otis Booth, Jr., started out with 40 acres near the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in the San Joaquin Valley. Today, Booth Ranches is still family owned and operated with acreage stretching from Orange Cove to Maricopa, in Kern County. Honesty, integrity and commitment are the foundations upon which Booth Ranches was establish as they strive to provide customers with a consistent, safe supply of premium oranges. Booth Ranches takes great pride in delivery only the best from their family to yours!

Del Monte

Del Monte has been synonymous with premium foods since its debut in 1886. For generations, Del Monte has proudly earned their reputation with a series of innovations and a singular dedication to quality. Today, that commitment to quality is deeply embedded in their culture. Del Monte will always strive to cultivate the best wholesome vegetables, fruits, and tomatoes to help families live lives full of vitality and enjoyment. 


Oakes Farms

One of the largest independently owned agribusiness operations in South Florida, Oakes Farms was founded on a promise to support friends and neighbours in their pursuit to live healthy lives. Oakes Farms also plans to expand its Seed to Table educational outreach program in the coming years.