Please remember:
We will transition BUNCHABLES from the West Coast to the East Coast meaning we will transition from 24ct to 12ct on most of your Bunched Items – Please Review Your Pricelists to see which item(s) pertain to you; and adjust your orders accordingly.

  • Broccolini - Product in high demand with low yields due to weather, expect prices to rise
  • Blueberries - Current gap until Pacific Northwest production starts. Expect this gap to be significant and prices to continue to increase over the couple more weeks.
  • Brussel Sprouts - Higher demand with lighter supplies - prices expected to move upward
  • Citrus-Lemons/Oranges - Consistent sizing will be the biggest challenge this season
  • Melons - Production affected due to extreme heat for Cantaloupes, Honeydew, Watermelons