Romaine Update

     In response to the Toronto Star article and other media reports on Friday of last week; Bondi Produce would like to notify our customers that whole RomaineRomaine Hearts, and Romaine products (Chopped Romaine, Hearts & Hearts) we currently have in stock are UNAFFECTED by the CDC advisory in the United States.
     The CDC is currently advising against the consumption of all Romaine from the Yuma, Arizona region.
     Bondi Produce has been sourcing whole Romaine and Romaine Hearts from Salinas, California since March 20th and processed Romaine since April 16th. There have been no notices posted against Romaine coming from Salinas, California.
     If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Sales Representative.

Market Report - April 23rd

  • Limes - Market declining on smaller sizes. Larger sizes to adjust.
  • Mushrooms - Previous cold weather maintain in all growing regions continues to disrupt supply for the next 1-2 weeks.
  • Oranges - Limited On Smaller Sizes - Navels ending and now currently awaiting for Valencias to begin.
  • Broccolini - Demand exceeding supply as cold and wet weather continue to hamper production.
  • Strawberries - Consecutive rain storms coupled with cooler conditions have resulted in supply the biggest concern.