At Bondi Produce. we strive to operate in the most environmentally sustainable manner because we know that the health of the planet is essential to the quality of our product and the longevity of our partners and families. Our mission is focused on providing the highest quality product at a fair value while leaving as minimal of an environmental footprint as possible.

Since moving into our new facility in 2014, we have developed multiple verticals in which we are striving to have meaningful short and long-term impact. Our strategic goals are targeted at resource conservation, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.

As a family business, we hope our efforts provide our future generations with a model they can be proud of and a healthy environment they can call home.


Our Initiatives

Operational Efficiencies

Over the last 40 years, we have established key operational efficiencies to ensure we are taking care of our environment. 

In 2013, Bondi Produce began recycling all unused/broken pallets unsuitable for day-to-day operations. Our partners take our pallets and refurbish where possible. By sending our broken pallets to our partners, we ensure that the life span of pallet is extended which helps decrease the resource demand for hardwood in the industry.

In 2014, we extensively overhauled our lighting system in our new facility with LED motion sensor lighting. These smart LED systems detect when our warehouse associates are in the respective zone and turn lighting on and off as required to complete their tasks. Since implementing this new lighting system, we have reduced our energy consumption by over 750,000 kWh. This equates to removing roughly 120 passenger vehicles from the road and 610,681 lbs  of CO² from the environment.

In 2018, we installed a cardboard bailer to recycle excess corrugated generated by our operations. Since the installation, we have recovered 20 tons of cardboard which will be recycled and repurposed by our partners. This directly minimizes the need for additional resources and reduces landfill. We project to produce close to 100 tons of cardboard recycling in 2018, which will allow us to save 1700 trees.

Additionally, in 2018, we invested in automatic routing software that has helped optimize our routes and reduce time spent on the road by our fleet. Our software takes into account delivery windows, traffic patterns, and cube capacity of each vehicle. We are hoping this will help reduce our fuel consumption by 10%, which equates to removing roughly 44,950 lbs of CO² from the environment.

Food Waste Reduction

Since 2011, Bondi Produce has had practices in place to ensure any spoiled product that is not fit for human consumption is sent to local animal farms where the product can be utilized as animal feed. If our feed partners cannot accept the product, it is diverted to agricultural farms where the waste is used to generate compost for upcoming growing seasons.

Paper Reduction

In 2014, Bondi Produce switched its invoices to a larger format, effectively reducing paper usage by half. Since then we estimate we have reduced our paper usage by 400,000 sheets of paper per year which equates to saving roughly 48 trees and preventing 11,202 lbs of CO² from entering the atmosphere.

Bondi Produce invested in a full warehouse management system in 2018, which integrates fully with our internal ERP system. Computerizing our receiving and picking process will help reduce paperwork necessary to run our day-to-day warehouse operations. With this new technology we are expecting a further reduction in paper usage by 600,000 sheets per year which equates to saving an additional 72 trees and preventing 16,804 lbs of additional CO² from entering the atmosphere.